The Case of Joel

Joel Requests a Session: 

(Note: Joel knows how to give himself Karmic Sessions of SoulWisdom's methodology. He graduated the Level 1 class a few years ago.  Carol Hathor's ancient name is "Ariza") 

Ariza, I'd like to do a session with you! is this possible? Some Karmic action with the Master Ariza? I want to do a tune up with you, also check deeper to make sure there are no nasty implants lurking, or anything like that....during May, I reached a peak that I have not been to, in my physical memory, I mean my abilities opening like crazy, huge closed eye flashes of the most beautiful and intense white gold light, ears ringing, muscle twitching, 6th and 7th seals going crazy with an electrical feeling that I've described to you before, regular pre-cog experiences, feelings of merging with my Holy Spirit (the most blissful feelings that left me crying tears of Joy and Love, that would then lead to me dancing butt neked around my room bliss- crying more, laughing, and just feeling like this is it I'm dancing with my Holy Spirit, I felt a Love that will forever change the meaning of Love in me forever, I don’t even know how to put it into words. 

THEN some weird experiences dreaming, etc....and I feel that it is possible that all the frequency I generated attracted some nasty cosmic bandits perhaps wanting to bring me back to the dark matrix to power it like a freakin ever-ready battery or something, I did many SWisdom karmic sessions on this....after that peak-period there where even a couple times when I would go to go transcendental to do some vibing, and I got nauseous a couple times, and it reminded me of how triggers are placed in Mind-Control subjects, so that if they get to close to the programming they get crazy headaches etc....this is vaguely how I felt during June, but I kept on vibing thru it, experiencing this shift in the groovy thing is I can feel all this, yet it doesn't sway me, it only makes me desire to fly higher....So lets do a session??? yeah?

Carol Hathor:

It could be that it's not "dark side" at all... your session will be interesting.  I haven't done a session on someone who has sent errant hydrogen atoms throughout their body... the "darkness" you feel could possibly be your HolySpirit saying "Stop killing yourself". Our HolySpirit isn't just fluffy Love; it can also get very fierce when we go off-track, to try to shift us off of a disastrous timeline.

It's really quite serious, Dear Pharaoh.  Please stop drinking that water, or doing whatever you are doing, at least until your session, Aug. 20, so I can take a look at your frequency... I don't even know if I can correct this...


There's a formula by Dr. Patrick Flanagan, who several years ago won a patent as he was able to stabilize free negative hydrogen in a silicate matrix (essentially silica has the ability to hold many hundred times its own weight in Hydrogen, allowing a powder to made and encapsulized , when the capsule is swallowed with water, the powdered silica/hydrogen goes thru a chemical alteration and the free Hydrogen is released into the body, all this extra Hydrogen also allows the cells to lower their surface tension and absorb more of the amazing structured water intercellularly for much improved hydration, the structured and charged water will do this on its own, but the Flanagan product turns it into some very serious business! Here is the link to the Flanagan product: (the product I use is Called "MegaHydrate")

Carol Hathor:

Gosh, part of my urgency to finish the website is to put a stop to these scientists tweaking the water molecule in the name of hydration and anti-aging.  "Molesting" the sacred geometry of the water molecule robs it of its ability to be a conduit of the HolySpirit.  I have a much better solution and it's based on what the ancients knew... soooo much to tell you... you'll be one of the first to receive the "premiere" video which will go on YouTube.  Very serious mistakes being made with the Sacred Elements these days.

essentially silica has the ability to hold many hundred times its own weight in Hydrogen, allowing a powder to made and encapsulized , when the capsule is swallowed with water, the powdered silica/hydrogen goes thru a chemical alteration and the free Hydrogen is released into the body  Joel!  Don't any "alarm bells" go off in your head that this is fanatical mega-dosing! Any kind of mega-dosing is fanatical. The human body hasn't ever seen this kind of shit.  Do you think the human body was designed to handle this?!  Where's your "abstract reasoning", my Dear King!  "Charging" the water... most of them say it's "Life Force" or Chi... but it could be "zapping" water with nothing more than a magnetic charge.  WRONG all the way around!  OMG.... I’ll see what I can do... no promises...

Joel's Karmic Session was August 20, 2009 

Dear Joel, Your session was a holographic repatterning of your Holograms of your Selves from that powder. Your patterning of all seven subtle bodies was really screwed up, and lots of blackness in your biofield came “unwound” and was released. The session disturbed me greatly and I just "trusted" that the tweaked-ness could be repatterned correctly and I surrendered and observed my HSpirit working on the repatterning and I learned how to do it. You’re going to be OK.  At the end of the session, on my timeline, I saw lots of colorful healing holograms and you’re definitely being repatterned correctly.  Let me know how your integration goes... it might be very uncomfortable. Whatever you were ingesting, stop it please!!! Whew!

His responses:

The Day of the Session

(Joel is in California, Carol Hathor is in Washington State)

2:06 pm  Joel:  

Wow, awesome session!!!!!!! I definitely felt some muscle twitching, head buzz,  and observed feelings that would have sent most for a bottle of zanax, you unhooked something major I'll tell you that, fortunately I know to recognize feelings that are not mine, whatever monster that was can kiss my brown bootay, ....bye bye!!! Cauldron anyone?

Thank you so much , cant wait to talk to you....and never feel you need to respond to all my emails, I just get sooooo excited sometimes, and want to let you know something or another - soon, I'll start sending instant holograms forehead to forehead!!! hahahaha!!!!

ok, I'm amazed at how clearly I feel your Holy Spirit at work (Whole-I-Spirit) haha! I felt hot earlier as well....whew!

love jc

2:29 pm

Whewwwwwww-weeeeeee baby, I am cooking!!! this is freaking incredible, what amazing feedback this session is, if anyone still doubts You or Ramtha, or any of this.....give them my number I shall kikk their arses straight away!! ......we are directly plugged in head feels literally like I have a low volt electrical skull cap on, and ...amazing also and this is before I got your email that you would start around 2pm .....I got nauseous as hell almost through  up, then the divine heats, then divine deep freeze over could not get warm, now hungry as hell.....for what you ask, a big ass watermelon came to mind first! hahahaha!!! and now I already feel like something was lifted off my back, still not quite sure, but I bet you read a Q flux after whatever that was you transmuted....WOW, Ariza this is by far the most powerful session ever! I have a feeling my Shiva body is glowing right now, ....heelll I cant think now, I am in a confused but highly blissful state, ....purification and unification ....I am God I am!!! Thank you sister, I believe I shall start crying now.....ohhhhh, feeling a bit sea sick, swirling swirling....what are you doing? you upgraded some new power there sister!!!

3:19 pm

OK sister, what the hell???

I am boiling in quantum soup, my head is electrified, I am nauseous, I feel like I just smoked a joint, I am sea sick, my ears are ringing incredibly loud, and vibrating like a frog is in there, I am walking in circles, I'm in a trance out of a trance, I am laughing then crying, I don't recognize the Joel I saw yesterday, my hands are shaky, I am seeing things almost like a hallucination type way.....and under all that, I have this feeling like everything is pixilated like digital, nothing seems real, I'm in a dream state, either this is schizo or a very high initiation, or you just moved so much junk, I am thoroughly confused, don't know who I am right now, but I do no....for sure I just had a major whooping......whoa, i feel like Neo,  being unplugged for the first time.... this is all good I think, let me just recover , I am ....blah blah blah....ok....cant wait to hear from you.....have mercy

I love my God, I love you, now all seems that its the same entity, all is God, God is all...its all real. onward to integration, or have the rubber truck come pick me up


I Am

Day After the session


Dear Beloved Queen Pharaoh Arizaaaaaaaaaaaaa~!

In this moment I must ask you to kindly be my confessor, .....I strayed, here is the entire scoop:

OK, I was surprised to find a report so fast, you are awesome, splendid awesome....

After a serious breakdown, I mean  I was sick as a dog last night, I cant even remember being sick like that since I was a kid, cant even remember the last time I threw up so much, it's literally been since college years, the first and last time I met the Rum and Coke freshmen college thing, I have not had even as much as a cold in at least 15 years....seriously! after that, I was in a strange very lucid state, at times I felt I was hearing voices talking to me, connections with you, etc....I saw those colors you mention, I had a potent vision, as I was laying on the floor wretching, with Ramtha playing in the background...I saw those golden fragments coming back in, then I saw an image of my self, sitting buddha style, with a cobra over my head, smiling!!! and that was when I knew I would be ok...and I knew I am Christed in a certain realm, and I just must stay on the PATH! and not look for fast(er) tracks, and bullshit

OK, you where latched on to the water, ....we never really got into my personal water thing, just that email I was mentioning a few things, as to what I was "really" doing......i.e., the artificially structured water I drank was very sporadic, and never at a state that I drank that as my primary or only water....the machine I "had", was only at the L.A. apartment, never drinking it daily, except when I first got it, ....mostly the water I drank was just out of my refrigerator door, tap water going thru a simple coconut fiber carbon filter just taking out the strong chlorine taste that is is what you really saw, and why you are being appointed as my Confessor:

those where capsules sister, capsules of of a dry powder of silica bonded to hydrogen....not water, in Europe I drink just tap water, because it tastes clean and doesn't need filtering, as the water regs, in Copenhagen are much stricter then here in LA....

so that was those  capsules and something else, not water!!! you where all over it though.....and here's the real doozy, I had started trying out those capsules, and didn't feel they did anything really but used them as I would order a bottle here and there run out, go dry get another bottle type thing, but they do, do something in a very very big way ... and that is mostly besides tweaking frequencies, this excess Hydrogen in that form , greatly increase the effects of anything else you are taking, in other words it allows the cells to absorb more of what you put in...

So if it was not "water" just what did crazy boy mad scientist PUT IN, you ask? Lay it all out, son! What did you REALLY absorb more of? C'mon.... (fuk!)

----->     well, my sister about a week of using white powder gold!!! 

Fuk that shit, don't even think about it, one may be better off chewing on a stick of dynamite while smoking and frying chicken. I realized after that week what I did, straight away, and frankly was embarrassed (ego/personality shit, from a generally very humble cat), that I could know so much better, but do the opposite...

I had been interested in its history for so long, I definitely had feeling from my Spirit that it was just bullshit, money making bullshit, but didn't listen to Spirit, and finally had the opportunity to acquire some from an outfit that I thought looked like as close to the real deal....and the shit was really cool the first couple days (that's just chemicals , I can hear the Ram now!), then not thinking that the STUPID hydrogen capsules, would in fact VASTLY increase how much of the white powder I absorbed....this created a potent mess of fake ass synthetic nuclear power within me, and radically tweaked my frequency, and YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! my body was like what the fuk is this....huh, what ....who....what the fuk?!?!?! within about a week I was fucking tweaked! now, that is what you saw own stupidity, not realizing that doing both together greatly increased the effect of both!!!! Nuclear powered shit! One or the other would be tweak enough, but BOTH?????holy shit!!!


OK, I am glad this all happened now, because it caused glorious chaos, that indeed broke the cycle, as short lived as it was...

No worries, I learned my lesson, and the whole thing really brought me back in line, because there was the TRUE realization that:

"I am complete, now....right now.... it is all about what I create in my focus, I do not need go searching for elixirs and shit and this and's ALL in my focused thoughts...I really thought I knew that, but obviously my alter-ego, was in charge at that time that I decided to do such a foolish thing... good thing is I am a humble mofo, and don't mind being corrected, or told that I am being stupid

as much focus, and studying of the great work, etc that I do, the thought, that I could accelerate what I was doing indeed, "SEDUCED" me, and really it was just my own personality that seduced me into some stupid shit....

I am glad this all happened, here is what I learned:

1) MY brain creates all the chemicals and their effects...that I might want, its all already there/here, if I'm not getting what I want, DO NOT go searching for something illusionary without, it's ALL within! Focus upon it, and let Thy Will Be Done!

2) I am much further along then my personality would like to admit...and this development happens gradually and in cycles, like everything else in our universe, hot/cold, day/night, on/off, wet/dry, yin/yang     etc...etc..

3) in the down cycles just stay focused, and steady, I am so tuned in  that when the down cycles happen, my personality wants to go searching for the magic that will bring it back to an up cycle, and that is just focus!, not snooping around for somebody else's shit.....just ride the wave and focus, do my disciplines....the down cycles are their to allow the up cycles to integrate....bobo the fool forgot that, in a fit a personality being in charge *DOH*

3) my frequency is already increasing naturally , and again trying to push it is only stupid emotional shit....flush the toilet! the shit stinks..

other things have been learned as well, but it is still all integrating ... I believe I even saw glimpses of some of what you saw, as I focused upon your holy spirit in Gratitude last night...some funky looking energies, nasty shit...

So therein lies the full story of what happened, and I have no problem saying:


however like all experiences here, you either learn from it, or you continue fighting your spirit, and self-destruct...

I have learned something very serious here, and I am over-joyed I had the sense to immediately  stop what I was doing during that week of foolishness, and put my tail down and seek some help!!!

Thank you sister, and no worries, lesson was learned indeed... seriously it was!

I am in this glorious gift of the NOW, this is where I meet with my Father, in this sacred gift of the Now...

OK, I feel like a mad scientist in his lab and the whole shit blew up in his face....I feel much much much better today, and I am inspired, and excited about what I have learned here as my Truth...

and for any fellow mad scientists that may consider doing what I did, because I know there are many aspirants out there doing this:

---->      I say, stop right there, STOP!!  If you want to accelerate your process of coming home, DO NOT look without, it's only and always been WITHIN !!!! I f you want to accelerate your shit, increase your DOSAGE OF FOCUS, INCREASE YOUR DOSAGE OF YOUR DISCIPLINES, DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT LOOK FOR A DAMN THING WITHOUT, if you do that, you only slow down your process, because that is your fukking personality, ater-ego, shadow self being in charge, when that happens you are going the wrong way, slowing down your process...the personality is a tricky little mofo, take it from me, even with the best of intentions, if you do that, you will allow your shadow self to break the process completely, thus with an alternate agenda ultimately pulling you out of your glory altogether....this is about the Great Work, and it is just that WORK, sit your mutha fukkin ass down, and get to it, you must spend hours there, why did the Great masters, always head up to the mountain top alone, and do what? sit there and focus, did not the Ram say that?, are there not numerous cases of Great Masters saying that in the "Ancient Teachings of the Masters of the Far East book vol. 1-6? where they looking for shit to take.....fuk hell, no, not ever never, not ever!

If you can't come that way, keep your ass in the bowels of existence, and DO NOT come at all!!!!

Whew....ok, Sister, I feel good....and I am in this moment, TRULY, more Inspired to rock on, that ever before....also this is confirmation, that one can know something intellectually, but that does not mean that one knows that in truth....this Brother now knows it in Truth....this was the Greatest session ever, I thank you....know I have learned that I fukked up....know that I know much better!!!

Ok, I shall not ENERGIZE this experience any further, by talking about, I wrote all of this primarily for myself, and it is therapeutic very much so, as it fully integrates as to the fact that I was exceptionally foolish...lesson is definitely learned...I am back, I am Great, I am Marching forward...

Thank you for helping me, I am truly grateful for this experience. I feel so much better now, and even though the session focused mostly upon repatterning, indeed, some karmic baggage was removed as well, I can definitely tell that, and I have very little monkey chatter going on today, in a way feels like a re-birthing

I love you Ariza ! I am feeling so relieved, the feeling of having a nuclear tomahawk missile up the butt is completely gone , and having cracked such a pearl of wisdom is a good thing, I felt like this was necessary to let the world know what I have done, or at least you!, and move on...into the Light....the toilet is flushed.... the Gold is Within, it's called Christ-consciousness....the door!    just focus on the Door, open it, and do not waiver... thank you for being you, and thank you for the session, and thank you for being my confessor here!!! 

(fuk, now I have to hit the send button, hahaha!)




Pharaoh Ariza~!

I just read the updates on your site, let me say this:

I WHOLEHEARTEDLY AGREE!!! and would even stretch it further, as this is quite serious shit to fool around with...

The first rather long long confessional email I wrote this morning, gives you the full story of what I had after yesterdays session, holograms are coming in like crazy, I've been writing much today, and fully realize what I did, on an even higher level as I am getting the info coming in now...I'm just so Joyous that  my Holy Spirit first told me to stop the products, and call you ... I was shown that I will be OK, and that I shall never use such products again...I am very sensitive to messages that come in, otherwise I might not have stopped, so all those people that may not have the level of connection I do, could really fuk themselves up, because they wouldn't stop as quickly as I did...I am in Blue Light heaven now, and will do another Blue Light focus later this thing, this was good for, ....getting my act together! Realizing I am already doing what I'm supposed to be doing on my journey to Unification ... no short cuts, none of that...old skool focus over the long haul is where it is at~!

also my story gives you a real world example of what these things can do to!!!

might as well put a warning about white powder gold on your site as well, as you'll see I wrote about in the long email...I feel so much better today, and very clear...and definitely moving on from that off course adventure I took.

also know that for the structured water users, they are all over the first world, not just the US...its a fad picking up steam everywhere, like white powder gold and other laboratory created monoatomic elements...and I'm probably the only person you know who really stretched hydrogen beyond the structured the long email.

Thank you again, the lesson is truly learned, and in a way that could not have been learned otherwise, as now all of this is indeed my truth, no conjecture, I did it, I now know the damage that can follow such foolishness...

ok, I have closed the book on all that was purely alter-ego seduction on my part.

moving on, in the old skool way...sit your ass down and focus...don't even think about bringing any other shit in...

lesson learned.



Carol Hathor:

Now you know why I beseech people to go to Ramtha's School and learn Focus. You're right... the human brain is the vehicle of Gods. It's already fully-loaded with the world's best "pharmacy", if you will; it's equipped to activate longevity already, and there are no shortcuts to Focus, learning how to do that at School. I would never have been able to pull you out of that, had I not been to Ramtha's School, so now you can see why I ask everyone to go.  It's really the only REAL truth there is on the planet.  I am living, breathing proof of that, and I am proud to be a Ramtha Runner.  

And give yourself some credit too!  You have a vast library of Ramtha materials, so you already had the fabulous Knowledge that you needed, to pull yourself out of that ditch! Bravo to You!

Day Three

Pharaoh Ariza,

Just wanted to thank you again...the session was highly successful as I knew with blind faith it would be.

This period has been a rebirthing of sorts, immense clarity  has come. Great inner peace has come. and, a Truly Great lesson learned, that otherwise would not have learned as Truth, I feel with unshakable conviction that an ancient cycle has been absolved within me.

I did an all night session last night, and entered realms I have never consciously entered, I received many visions, that are still blowing my mind, as I drew them all out. I saw everything from other aspects of my self on other timelines, to what looked like books being handed to me, to just blackness with white spots flying all over the place...still working on the meanings of some, and my Holy Spirit is starting to show me, or more accurately I am accepting them as they are. 

I am feeling incredibly loved, I am feeling closely watched. My body feels great and energetic, my mind and thoughts seem so clear.

This was  a shift like no other I have experienced. I went gazing at the Sun at Sun rise to end my all night session, and all of a sudden felt this strange embrace of warmth, like warm honey coating my body, but bringing a chill at the same time, tears certainly followed. In a most joyous way. This feeling I have had before so I could recognize it for what it is. Some say the Journey home can be a lonely and solitary one, however, I can't  feel that at this point, I feel I am surrounded with love the real love, not a chemical thing magazines call love, but a real love, I would swear there are beings watching me and with me the full path of this unending Journey.

Please just take the full amount I gave you for two sessions, and I gladly give it in payment for this one session. I know it was a doozy, please just have all.

Sending you great love and gratitude~!


Joel, I’m glad you’re OK. I’m glad I could do it. I slept for four hours afterwards, and worked on you in Dreamtime as well.  It’s All Good!  Thank you for being so open and honest and letting me share this story with people!   

Love you very much!  ~ Carol Hathor

Follow-up August 26, from Joel:

Oh my Beloved Ariza!

Yes I feel REALLY good, there was a shift that occured and continues to occur that is truly mind blowing, I have still been receiving information fairly constantly, many symbolic visuals are still coming in, it actually feels like what ever I was TRYING to do with all that crazy stuff...has now opened's really crazy, I;m finding my edurance in focus, and my training disciplines is higher than ever, its amazing....ugh, I think you have something quite serious with that "repatterning session", as perhaps if it's done upon one who is doing the work as I am, may have in effect gone way past anything you where doing with the aurics and karmics, I'm serious Ariza...I am in a completely new space, my commom thoughts are fully in the area of < "I am the One, and the One is me, I am both within the One, and the One is within me, ....type thing, no monkey thoughts, and if even a monkey squeak happens, it is recognized immediately...and Deleted on the spot, and with full joyous desiure to stop a moment and energize the Christ opposite of that thought!

I truly believe you have just evolved Soul Wisdom to another level...please know that and treat that accordingly, you and I are pretty much the full ground crew that knows what has transpired from the Soul Wisdom Holographic Repatterning - Session....Wow Ariza!!!

Now you say 295. or 395. ...let me say this, one of your most infamous former students, who just sent me an email to commence he and his lady friend's new site, session, and training they call the GOLDEN DNA ACTIVATION, 3 session cost 1,212.00 - with training cost $3500.00 -3600.00 I cant remember....and man, this is such jive !!!

Yeah, Joel, I know exactly who you are talking about and there are a couple of others too, that immediately spun-off my classes/methodology upon graduation, to get their own gigs,  re-name my jargon, reframe my methodology. There are also websites that I read, and I know that they have done nothing more than read my site and copy-cat it with a “spin”, and I can’t “police the system”.  Spin-doctor gurus are everywhere, who haven’t passed the “initiations” that I have, but what can I do?

What you have created with your HolySpirit is beyond anything , this is why I'm saying to add it to you session list, and copyright it, all of that, as I laid on the floor that session day truly wretching in agony, I truly saw golden frags coming in....and all that.... 

Yes. You know that I know that you know (heheheh) these golden fragments are our own soul-energy, “retrieved” and coming Home to God-Within, when we “unwind” the frozen energy that was previously “locked up” in our follies of hatred, insecurity, fears, whatever the hang-up was. O how the spin doctors presume to know what that means on an energy-scientific level.  “Activating” golden soul-fragments is not how it works, at all! *sigh*

I know that you have made known the unknown with you Holy Spirit once again, in a way that is perhaps as novel and great as the full weight of what you already doing...

The brilliance of you.... Yes, so many times my HolySpirit has taught me the Unknown-to-me, and true learning of its magic is always in the total absence of the monkey-mind intellect that is quick to presume, assume, assign good-bad, right-wrong... it is the Sincere ones that keep me forging on! Osiris has told me that in Egypt, I cold do all the “master magic” .. walk through walls, turn water to wine... pitiful state I have fallen to because I don’t fully remember, but give me some more time baybeeee heheheh!!

I am deadly serious Ariza...I am with you sister, I shall back you as well...It is still a little early so I don’t talk about that, right now, but that's all materializing NOW!

I love you!!

You are a True Genius of our times!!!

you continue to amaze me!!

I am in Awe!!!


I call you Pharaoh because you were/are also an Initiate, and there are a few more that I’ve done sessions for, and there are MANY people now who are right on the verge as well!  There’s a huge “budding” morphogenetic field of true, potential Initiates who don’t sell out to spin doctors and they have a “knowingness” when they’ve experienced methodologies that don’t work. Instead of blaming themselves when some “method” doesn’t work, they go, “No. it’s not my fault. There must be somehting more. And fortunately, they keep Questing, through the Labyrinth, the maze, of “noise” .... LOTS of spiritual seduction and spiritual capitalists going on now, who don’t think beyond this lifetime.  In their next lifetime, would they want their religion/philosophy/methodology to be the one that their parents foster them into?  No. No. Hence, these “spiritual leaders” are hypocrites. My greatest ulterior motive is to passionately advocate Ramtha’s Teachings, the School of Ancient Wisdom. Because I wanna make sure that in my next incarnation, if I don’t fully Wake Up, defeat death and become immortal this time, that I will incarnate into a World-Culture based on Ramtha’s Teachings, and I just KNOW that JZ Knight Her Goddess Self, will also still be there, in her Own Right, just as Osiris asks me to be. JZ, to me, is a Warrior-Queen of Love, Lionessly-Protecting Truth, from spin-doctors, tweaking, and she will NOT let the Teachings be spun-off into silly, stupid, off-Path shit. 

If I screw-up and die, and reincarnate, I at least want to find Ramtha’s Teachings easily, because I will have deserved it, because I am setting up my next lifetime by beseeching people to remember the Ancient Wisdoms, and the School will be global, and I’m playing my part!  I want to deserve the right to sit in JZ’s audience and be her Initiate, and She as my Mentor.  I aspire to Go where she goes, and she is the Heir of the Teachings, when Ramtha leaves us again for a while.  O how I could go on....

The spin-doctors... working from scraps of truth... well, what can I say ... people realize that religion doesn’t work, let’s hope they accept the abstract reasoning of, and that my offering of the knowledge of Water, with simple templates, that if they simply add fresh lemon juice, helps cell-penetration of the holograms of the Vile, that they can download into all their drinking fluids, be it filtered water or Wine, infinitely. For only $44USD

I’m working diligently to bring Osiris Water of Renewal, truly an “elixir”  Our God-Within is Always waiting, in total love and Bliss, no matter how hung-up or hung-down we are. I just hope that people can accept the simplicity of Water’s consciousness... 

“batteries not included” and not needed!  No electricity or machinery required!  LOLOL

Joel, thank you for your great Challenge. I’ve learned more and I’m inspired to the Greaterness of my God-Self

We’ve rocked the morphogenetic fields of “spiritualism-science”!  Is that kool, or what!  Now, if we can help people remember that they are Gods!!!!! Wohoooooooo  (such an easy task  LOL)

I love you,

Carol Hathor