Here you will find testimonials from some of our clients 

about the tremendous benefits they have received from SoulWisdom sessions.

"I don’t know how to thank this. Finally being reliefed from such terror, I am still going and walking thru the house and I can't believe such a grace. Your work will be rewarded by the Eternal Source and every single spirit that you help a thousand times back, or more. I don’t know about others, but when I read about this work, I couldn't believe it. I am so greateful. BE BLESSED."

- Argentina

"Dear Carol, Thanks for the help and the session. I am feeling much better for last 2 months.; no guilty feelings, anger, unforgivness, feeling unloved and no joy for life. Now I wake up happy almost every day, with more faith and self confidence, and I started to look differently upon people and situations around me, including my past. Now I take much less sleeping medications and I feel calmer. Still did not come off sleeping medicines entirely. I am starting to feel free and I am regaining back my self confidence, belief in myself, joy about life, for little things. Thank you for all your help, May God bless you." -- Zeljka in Croatia

"Dearest Carol, What you saw and what you released from the depths of my mind reflects exactly the inner voices that have been running my life. The release was long overdue, and felt as joyous tears while I read your message. There was a certain lightening in the atmosphere right when we had our session. I was able to communicate with my partner for the first time after a long silence I needed to face my own emotions, my repetitious models that have led my to get sick and tired time after time. Just now my life is in a creative chaos, I do not yet see how it opens up and goes on. But I know it is opening, it is being created, I am regaining my natural role as the creator of my own life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"  --Klaus in Finland

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"Dear Carol,  My amazement and gratitude can not be expressed with words. It will only sound like a cliché.  I can simply say that you are Magical. In general I feel light and energized. More free and at ease. Like a child. Fear has faded away."  --Edward in Norway

"Just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know I am doing OK. My level of awareness has tremendously increased, and the crying has almost ceased--yey! Wow, genuine peace, this is awesome :o) "  Many thanks and much love -- Deb in PA

"It has been 6 months since my auric clearing and what an incredible 6 months its been!! You have helped me in so many incredibly precise and accurate ways. I am sooooo grateful to you, I really am!!!!! I would love to do two more karmic sessions if you have available dates sometime.THANK YOU so much!!!"  Love, Marty in Ireland

"Dear Carol, I'm doing a lot better. I don't have any pain anymore and things are back to normal. Thank you again for working on me, I really appreciate it.  In the last month and a half I've been feeling a lot different lately about everything. I feel like I'm a totally different person.  I know it's because of SoulWisdom. I'm starting to have an interest in going back to school. This is something that I would never believed I could do just months ago. Whatever I do, I know that SoulWisdom will be apart of it. Whatever voices that were influencing telling me that I can't succeed are gone and I'm feeling the peace. Whatever voices that are left don't have the power over me like the others, and they'll be gone soon too.  Anyway I'm just really happy with SoulWisdom. Thank you again for your love and support truly I wouldn't be were I am today if you hadn't followed your GodSelf and developed SoulWisdom. You have helped so many souls, I think you are amazing." --Toni Lynn in BC Canada

"Dear Carol, WOW!!!!!!!!! You are a *STAR* Carol.  I just want to give you one almighty  BIG Hug!!! :)  I don't know where to start!  I'm going start with a BIG  thank you Carol as I know the work you have done will change my life  forever! :) :)  I can already feel it now.  Its really strange how it's all  happened.  I have been working very hard this last month or so with  meditations to embody as much of my soul as I can and shift the energy  around in my self.  I have noticed a big difference and before I read your  e-mail I thought that was the reason why yesterday I felt so at peace and  calm.  I felt like I can finally really tackle my conscious thoughts  throughout the day and tame the wild beast that is my mind.  I now know its  your work that has enabled me to muster enough strength to tackle this 24-7!  I can only see love and light from this moment on! :)  Your work has changed  me I can feel it!

         “I sat down for my meditation after reading your e-mail report and feeling my

body  buzzing with energy.  It felt different! The whole front of my body felt  a lot lighter as though all my chakras were in line and balanced.  I never  really new how much pressure and sluggishness I was carrying in my chakras!  I had the sweat as I meditated.   And then I sat  after the technique and just felt my body flowing with energy, I cant  describe how that felt but I'm sure you know!  At that moment I had a  knowing that everything is going to be a lot better from this moment on! :)  I just want to thank you again Carol from the bottom of my heart.  The work  you do is AMAZING!  I am deadly serious about learning how to do this and I  cant wait! :)  LOTS of Love (I literally have more of it now! :)" --Antony in the UK

"Dear Carol, My mother felt the Auric Clearing you did for her. She reported feeling very dizzy, as if she was in front of the light and it felt great..  She laid on the couch and rested and she's not sure whether she dreamed or not.. she said she felt "healing hands" all over her body, on her pelvis, her knees, her stomach, her heart, her throat and her spine and top of head..  She said that it was such a powerful, private and overpowering feeling that she felt guided to rest while it happened.   At last, it stopped, that's when she called me to let me know she knew your "stuff" is real.. Apparently, she had doubted that anything was going to happen, I mean, how can anybody manipulate somebody else's auric field from a distance?   She still says she doesn't know how you did it, but she sure is glad you did..   Also, she has always suffered from colitis and was quite unable to travel because she gets her nerves and the urgency to poop tangled up and so she hasn't been able to be in public much...  Since the AC, all of this things have gotten better... her colitis is completely HEALED.  THANK YOU.    To me this means that she'll come to visit me more often." -Mary in TX

"I have been meditating for some years now, and have never experienced releases so powerful before.  I have been working on releasing those issues for years, and now they are gone in a matter of minutes thanks to you.  As I continue to release and heal, I am eternally thankful that I have found you and SoulWisdom.  There are no written words to express the love and gratitude I have for you, and all that you do for so many.  Know that you will remain in my thoughts and prayers eternally.  No doubt I will be contacting you again for another Karmic session in 2 months or so.  Thanks is just not enough, but Thank You....Thank You.....Thank You for all that you do in service to others." - BJ

"I am in complete shock. I have been praying for healing for many years, I am glad that I finally find you.  Thanks for your amazing work. it is always magical, always transforming, always surprising... :)  Please take good care. Eternally Blessed,  -Sarah in TX

"From my own experience I know that conventional psychiatry often cannot achieve what you realized with me. Do you think the expertise about how you are helping people with removing their mental and emotional blocks will be spread more over the world? I wonder why people had to suffer for decades, and sometimes their whole lives, without seeing any light at the end of the tunnel. I never have expected that such a state of mind would be possible for me. But you knew it before!!! THANK YOU!!"

- Belgium

"It is much easier to let go of things and feelings that pops up after the clearings. I am over all more balanced, more open to other people and my private life feels much better! Thanks to you! I have tried a lot of different methods but yours has really made a difference to me! I wish every person could be cleared!"

- Sweden

"Thank you so much. I actually felt it. These past few days I have been feeling so much better, freer of past obligations that, until now, I felt I never met. When, in actuality I had. I've been able to let go of those people in my life that have made me feel that I owe them something, even when I couldn't figure out what it was, and they couldn't tell me. I feel stronger and more able to help myself, and have been working toward that end with conviction ever since. Again, thank you sooooo much."

- Greensboro, South Carolina

"I was very touched by the thoroughness of your reading. You certainly do go into it in great depth, and you have an ability far beyond anything that a medico would understand in a third dimensional vibration."

- Melbourne, Australia

"I realize it sounds terribly dramatic to say my life has totally changed, but.....IT HAS!!!!!!!!! The veils have been lifted, the glass has been cleared, the distortions in the mirror are gone---------Truth, Peace, JOY, Love just seem to bubble over me........."

- Rockford, Illinois

"The auric clearing has been feel great and continues so. Definitely a more stable, centered and solid in body feeling."

- Hemet, California

"A million thank you's. I feel so invigorated and blessed as I progress on my journey. I already feel so light and full of joy like I have never felt before. Thank you for allowing me to participate in sharing your gifts."

- Grand Haven, Michigan

"Each session has totally different bodily sensations. . . . It's amazing :) :) :)"

- Cranberry Township, PA

"You cleaned up my aura SOOO MUCH!!! Thank you! Thank you!!"

- Sue in Florida 

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"My friend and spiritual co-worker Roger has had many experiences with dark entities. However, last May he was attacked by the most horrendous entity I've ever seen. This was, in fact, a partial possession with the intention of becoming a full possession. Every day I could see the veils coming down more and more as this being was relentlessly taking him over. It got to the point where Roger said he could no longer see any light. Not only was this horrifying for Roger's sake, but because he contains a powerful interdimensional portal, if the possessing entity was successful in fully taking him over, then it would control the portal. The implications of this went far beyond ourselves and were more than we wanted to contemplate.

    We sought help of course, and were told by Archangel Michael that there was nothing that could be done. Michael said that it was far too dangerous to remove the entity because of the backlash that would occur. Just when things were reaching their darkest hour, I received a phone call out of the blue from Carol. Carol told me that Roger had just shown up etherically on her porch "covered with darkness" and she had cleared him. Carol boldly stepped in where even angels feared to tread, and was completely successful in removing this horriffic entity. God bless you Carol, you know no fear! Due to your intervention Roger was restored to himself and went on to do very important work for the planet."

- Elora Gabriel, Black Mountain, NC (approved by Roger Kerr)

"Thank you ALL for you wonderful assistance.........I feel such a TREMENDOUS flood of GRATITUDE streaming forth from my heart right now and it's SO blissful.........MUCH LOVE and MANY BLESSINGS to you."

- Richardson, TX

"My post-auric session from you has been quite interesting. Have felt more at ease with my Self & others, profound dreaming increase (I already dreamt like crazy before session), intuitive awareness increase, people I haven't heard from for awhile have popped out of the blue to look me up, and generally an amping up of my psychic energies."

- Concord, CA

"Consider it a compliment to you. You have my confidence and I know the impact of your activities are working. I will not be the only one who discovered that!!!"

- Belgium

"Carol is some being beyond language. She is AWESOME! She has helped SO many people in the past 6 months.. done enormous clearings and taken it all on with courage and confidence! Everyone on this (e-mail) list would concur with this."

- Pearl City, Hawaii


- Paris, Kentucky

"Some day I must tell you all the miraculous details of how quickly and smoothly this has all fallen into place. I couldn't have imagined this prior to the clearing. The energy shift has been so positive and so powerful, it would knock your socks off. Not only did I get my magic wand back, but it's 10 or 100 times stronger. I'm in ecstascy! I haven't felt this good in 10 or 15 years."

- Leucadia, California

"You are so {{{Awesome}}}!!! I was just over to visit John, and boy, does he look different! What a change!!! You have been able to do what I couldn't in 18 years! I have just GOT to learn how to do it, too."

- Ft. Meyers, Florida

"Thanks for the clearing. It is truly powerful. I feel my universal connection clearer than ever before."

- Phoenix, Arizona

"Early this am I felt dizzy and a little lightheaded. I do feel much much much lighter. I have looked in the mirror and I see a "DIFFERENT" me."

- Black Mountain, North Carolina

"Anyway. thanks ever so much. You truly are a Saint. I am sure that you really are an Earthkeeper, certainly the best that I have known. May the Force Be With You!"

- Littleton, Colorado

"WOW, I hope you don't mind, but we are going to have to come up there, hog tie you down and CLONE you! I promise it won't hurt. There is a line starting to form around the block for your incredible sessions."

- Scottsdale, Arizona

"It is so nice to be feeling so good. Really, I am not kidding... the best I have in years. Thank you all there so much."

- Near Anchorage, Alaska

"May explain a noticable shift in my "feelings" and approaches to the new people I am working with. AND the clearing of A LOT of feelings about people I worked with in a recent job -- like boatloads of anger, resentment, etc. were suddenly dropped. Many thanks for the CPR !!! Complete Psychic Reconstruction (hee hee)."

- Mildred Ohio

"Just wanted to let you know some updates on everyone. I just hung up from Wayne and he says he is doing 95% better !!! He said he is a totally different person now . WOW WOWEEE."

- Tucson, Arizona

I am looking forward to the next session.......I felt prickling energy all over me when you started the clearing and then fell into a deep sleep for 3 hours.

- Burke, Virginia

Thank you for the Auric Cleansing session and the written debrief. I found this very helpful. While I have not felt significantly different from the session, I realize it may be that I have made tremendous shifts in the 10 days -- immediately prior to the work you did on me. Interestingly, last night I had the opportunity to fall back into a familiar pattern. Yet, I continued to feel centered and loved by myself -- a grande situation! Whether this came from my personal work over the past 10 days, your Oct. 31st work with me or the integration of the two (a preferable consideration), I am eternally grateful. Thank you again for your heartfelt work and sharing your gifts with me and so many others.

Blessings of Light,


Well, what can I say...... I find this whole process wonderful and at the same time I am in total awe. Imagine doing all this work at a distance and then knowing exactly what was done in such a short time. I felt very sleepy around our lunch time and I knew you were doing your work. My co-worker and a couple of the girls at the office told me they also felt sleepy and heavy at the same time I was feeling it. I said to myself: this is powerful work!! It affects other people also!! I have also felt energy moving inside my body, a different type of movement which I assume is the work going on. I will follow the after session instructions and do the blue meditation. I printed your e-mail so I can read and try? to understand a little bit of what you did.  Thank you again for the wonderful work you are doing and for including me. I feel very privileged to have come into contact with you and Carol and Soulwisdom. I feel you people are eons ahead of any other type of work that I have done or even heard about. Walk, run jump in love and the light! Lots of love,   -Diana in Venezuela

“Carole, Woaww! That was the most shaking KS I ever had. What a KS [karmic session] this has been! I don't know how to thank you - Thanks so much”

Philippe, Geneva, Switzerland

“I am always moved when I receive any type of help.. I am in hopes that at some point I will be able to do your workshops and trainings.. Thanks again for your loving attitude, and most of all being able to listen to what your client is feeling, it is in that a big part of the healing takes place.. I am much better still processing the whole thing, and smaller things.. As we have always known and heard, "Love is truly the Greatest Healer," and preceptive people have this knowing and seeing themselves..... thanks , much love and appreciation..”



“Thanks so much -this was fascinating! I went through everything yesterday from extreme exhaustion, anger, joy, relief-you name it. So this was affecting me all along? Then my daughter called last night, as she is arriving next week & I was dreading the interactions. Today I feel better. Your work is fantastic. I will study the report & schedule me for Feb. 5.”

Love, Carol

“I am astounded, speechless, overjoyed, unboundingly happy, touched, humbled, honored, absolutely on cloud 7,485,113!!!   I am so thankful for you that God has given you this tremendous gift of healing. I am weeping with joy at the thought that YOU should be so loved. I absolutely felt the loving energy and Light that you sent and a wave of inexplicable happiness rose up from my toes to my head! It was around 10:30am or so my time (Chicago.) And I DO feel different. I look different to myself. Something in my gaze is clearer.  I am so eager to continue this healing process and will do my job to help it along. Words cannot express my awe and wonder!! I am so grateful. Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! (x infinity!) :) 

May you walk in peace and joy all your days!!!

Love,  Kate

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Demons and "Entities"

"Dear Carol:  I can't stop crying thinking what if I hadn't found your site. It maybe interesting for you to google key words like curses, entities etc.! It would be nice to think of others on the desperate "search" could find you easier.  I found your site on a long list of healers.  I was looking for someone who could help me with demons; too scared to mention them just in case you couldn't help me.  It was so liberating to just read truths about reconciliation of polarized beliefs. I hope you add more to your site and link into those search engines.  I often think of you with gratitude. My life has changed heaps because of your sessions! Just demystifying stuff has been so powerful. Lots of love to you!" -- Mary in Australia