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Carol Hathor originated the terms "Auric Clearing" and "Karmic Sessions".  These key words have been plagiarized and copy-catted. This is the original site for the

SoulWisdom Auric Clearing and Karmic Session.

SoulWisdom's Auric Clearing

There are a few kinds of blockages that everyone has, which affect the flow of Life Force in the body.  These are not "solid" in the material sense, but they are "solid" in faster time flows, in the seven subtle bodies that operate in these faster-frequency time flows.  They are blockages of life-force energies, and they become "solidified" in the subtle bodies due to stress, trauma, and unresolved emotions such as fear, hatred, self-pity, et cetera.  The emotions in a human being can become quite powerful, and these "manifest" as blockages that look very real to a clairvoyant person who can "see" them.

The blockages (emotional thoughforms) often look like grayish orbs (spheres) representing an accumulation of emotional energy that has not been owned as wisdom, that is unresolved and not forgiven, and these orbs become condensed and solidified in the subtle bodies, and locate themselves in the body's seals, or energy centers. ("chakras" is incorrect; they are "seals")  In other words, each of the seven energy centers, or seals, which are located in the groin, lower intestines, abdomen, heart, throat, pineal, and pituitary, correspond with specific emotional frequencies of those seals, so the kind of emotion determines where the blockage will be located in the seals.  For example, an unresolved experience of heartbreak, or rejection in love, will probably have a blockage in the heart seal, and an experience of the guilt of not speaking the truth will have a blockage in the throat seal. (These are very simplified examples of a complex subject, but I hope this gives you an idea.)

These blockages need to be absolved in the seals, before past-life Karmic Sessions can be done.  These major blockages attach to the seals from the age of 0 to 18 years old, during times of stress or childhood illness, and they disrupt the natural life path to a great degree.  They must go!! In childhood, we are much more vulnerable to the emotional environment of our parents, school, and we don't have the emotional maturity to cope with the world yet. This is why most people experience huge benefits from the Auric Clearing, even if they don't ever have a Karmic Session.

Most people are very happily surprised with the shifts that happen after the Auric Clearing~!! After people have experienced the spiritual releasement of these influences, they often send emails expressing gratitude for the significant changes in their lives!

Spontaneous releases occur days, weeks, even months after sessions.

Testimonials after the Auric Clearing

Testimonials illustrate the benefits of the Auric Clearing the best. These are people who wrote to me months, even a year after the Auric Clearing:

"I have been meditating for some years now, and have never experienced releases so powerful before.  I have been working on releasing those issues for years, and now they are gone in a matter of minutes thanks to you.  As I continue to release and heal, I am eternally thankful that I have found you and SoulWisdom.  There are no written words to express the love and gratitude I have for you, and all that you do for so many.  Know that you will remain in my thoughts and prayers eternally.  No doubt I will be contacting you again for another Karmic session in 2 months or so.  Thanks is just not enough, but Thank You....Thank You.....Thank You for all that you do in service to others." - BJ

"The immediate effects of the clearing were amazing --great rushes of white light & energy, lots of joyous laughter bubbling up, big whooshes throughout my whole system.  I feel so light!  How do you do this? It makes the one-on-one hands-on work I do with people so primitive by comparison."

Beverly - Santa Fe, NM

SoulWisdom's Karmic Sessions

The Auric Clearing is performed only once, to absolve major blockages in the seals ("chakras") in order to prepare a person's psyche for deeper work with their Subconscious mind.

Karmic sessions absolve and release unconscious personalities, or "personas". We all have multiple personalities! Heheheh!  Examples of these Personas are: The inner child, the inner youth, the inner adult, the inner tyrant, the inner victim... these "Selves" often need to be cleared of a host of emotional turbulence, such as guilt, shame, hatred, self-pity, self-loathing, insecurities, fears, paranoias, and emotional attitudes of diseases. When our inner child, for example, is cleared of traumas and it becomes Golden, restored to its pristine zest for life... well, you can imagine how much more joyful the Inner Adult becomes!

Most people are addicted to the emotional chemistry, produced by the brain, from various emotions.  The top three most addictive "drugs" of emotion are hatred, self pity and redemption. (Redemption is when someone "saves" us or rescues us from our pain and suffering.  The brain produces opiates. Often, this plays out as sin/redemption cycles, where we play victim/tyrant dramas, then we get to "kiss and make up". Powerful redemption addiction there.) These three emotions are just as addictive as heroin.  It is emotional chemistry, produced by emotionally embracing these attitudes, that cause the body to age and die within only seven to ten decades. When we unplug these "voices", the body becomes more alive, and we experience a greater spiritual maturity, and lengthen our life. (The movie "What the Bleep Do We Know?!" illustrates emotional addictions quite handily! :)  :)

SoulWisdom's Psyche Doctors are trained in "holographic communication" with your God-Within.  In other words, it is your HolySpirit that directs the sessions. Not a predetermined agenda by your Psyche Doctor. Karmic Sessions are like a "box of chocolates, you never know what you'll get!" *laughter*  I'm quoting "Forrest Gump", in order to make my point:  Psyche Doctors are trained to "tune in" to your HolySpirit, because it is your own Spirit that has loved you eternally and knows exactly why you are manifesting emotional states or physical disease, and we help absolve the attitude and its "persona". When the layers of the persona are absolved, fabulous and remarkable shifts often happen!

A persona is a soul fragment of ourselves that is still influencing us from the past. These are "past-Selves". These are the "voices" in our head. Voices of resentment, victimization, fears, insecurities, powerlessness, intimidation, heartbreak, abandonment, betrayal, etc. etc. We're powerful Gods -- we create in the fields of quantum potentials -- the Void. Unless we've absolved our past-Selves (personas) at the quantum level, at the Subconscious level, then these personas are still alive and well throughout multudious lifetimes because: To the Subconscious (God-Within), there is no such thing as "time". The Subconscious is the Eternal Now.  We are literally living multiple timelines concurrently, and this is in complete alignment with the quantum physics concept of parallel realities and hence, parallel lifetimes.

The Ancient God-Concept of Quantum Physics, as opposed to Male-Dominated Religions Around the World

The most important paradigm for understanding SoulWisdom's Karmic Sessions is this: The subconscious, the god-within, does not judge good/bad, right/wrong.  SoulWisdom's "God-Concept", as understood from Ramtha's teachings, is that God is Everything -- it is the "platform of thought" that sees, allows, and loves everything.  It does not see that we are wrong or right.  It just Sees. And loves.  It is Oneness with all things, so if we do harm to someone else, we're also doing harm to ourselves. If we give to someone, or help someone, we are helping ourselves.  There is no separation in God.  All of life is spiritual. Another understanding is: If we hate someone, they're only reflecting back to us our own self-hatred. Masters who are awakening become acutely aware that what they see in another so are they.  For how could we recognize something in someone else unless we have been the same way?

The God-within allows us to be, loves us, and says "so be it" to whatever we emotionally embrace.  The more passionately we embrace anything -- fear or love, and anything in between -- the faster the experience of that emotion will manifest.  This is the true paradigm that has been taught by Masters and Christs for eons -- that whatever we emotionally embrace becomes law in our kingdom.

Karmic Sessions are Directed By Your HolySpirit

SoulWisdom's Karmic Sessions are directed by the person's GodSelf, the subconscious, not the Psyche Doctor (PsD).  The PsD facilitates the release of the issues that the GodSelf shows us. This "True Self", this deep-subconscious Self, shows us the priority issues, the source-decisions that cause the greatest fragmentations of Life Force and the greatest suffering.  The holographic language of the deep subconscious is comprised of archetypes, personas, stored holographically on each of the seven levels of awareness. When we surrender these personas, and give them to our God, then they are absolved, and we no longer experience their turbulence in our lives.  Our life gets more peaceful and harmonious, opening new paths, new timelines of destiny, which had been blocked before.  Layer by layer, we begin to bloom within, therefore our outward reality blooms as well, because our manifested reality is a reflection of Within.  "As within, so without. As above, so below". Gorgeous, yes?  :)

Any given hang-up or issue has layered neural nets (programming in the brain), and any given karmic session absolves a significant number of layers.  The session is experienced as a "high" or a freedom.  Communicating directly with the subconscious, via the "holographic language of intent" has very definitive advantages over traditional psychotherapy and even hypnosis, because the deeper neural nets of past life emotional terror are usually compartmentalized by the brain and often unreachable by those means.

Also, it's my truth, based on giving hundreds of karmic sessions, that psychiatrists who insist on the Christian paradigm of ignoring past lives are utterly incapable of explaining, or expediently dealing with, 90% of the phenomenon that occurs in the human psyche.

Benefits of absolving Personas with Karmic Sessions

Personas can have very intense presences of malevolence because we have experienced extreme terror, hatred, self pity -- intense emotions of all kinds -- in past lives.  These unseen Selves represent our unfinished business of past lives, which is precisely why we keep reincarnating -- we cannot uncreate, from the Plane of Bliss (some call it the "Other Side"), what we created when we were in the physical.  Only through taking another physical body (incarnaing again) can we absolve all bitterness, jealousy, anger, self pity, self-centeredness, victimization, blame, control, etc, et cetera !

If we have an analogical moment (when we're so involved with an experience that time seems to "stop") of intense pain and suffering, we will find an Id on second level, corresponding to the second seal (chakra)-- pain and suffering.  If we've gone analogical with not speaking the truth about a particular idea, concept, truth (identity) about ourselves, we will find the Id on 5th level, corresponding to the throat seal.

SoulWisdom Psyche Doctors access the deep Subconscious.  The truth of a person's hang-ups resides in deeper mind, not the conscious mind. We interpret the personas that a client's GodSelf shows us with great accuracy. This has amazed our non-English speaking clients, proving that the "language of Gods" is holographic, which is a universal holographic language.

Testimonials illustrate the benefits of Karmic Sessions the best. These are people who wrote to me months, even a year after their SoulWisdom sessions:

"Carol, I have an update to share with you,  yesterday John's chiropractor came,  he works on John's back, since his back has become kyphotic due to the severe coughs he experienced these 2 years.  The Chiropractor comes every Thursday for home visit. 

So yesterday as soon as he kept his hands on John's back,  the entire spine area goes pop, pop, pop and released so much of tightness and after some 5 minutes he asked John to stand up and amazing he is standing up so straight!  

The Chiroprator said that this session was fantastic and he had never experienced this kind of release in a patient before!  ~Penelope in Texas

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tThis is an auric photo of Carol's hands while she is working. Note the vortex (column) above the hands.