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"It is much easier to let go of things and feelings that pops up after the clearings. I am over all more balanced, more open to other people and my private life feels much better! Thanks to you! I have tried a lot of different methods but yours has really made a difference to me! I wish every person could be cleared!"

- Sweden

"Thank you so much. I actually felt it. These past few days I have been feeling so much better, freer of past obligations that, until now, I felt I never met. When, in actuality I had. I've been able to let go of those people in my life that have made me feel that I owe them something, even when I couldn't figure out what it was, and they couldn't tell me. I feel stronger and more able to help myself, and have been working toward that end with conviction ever since. Again, thank you sooooo much."

- Greensboro, South Carolina

"I was very touched by the thoroughness of your reading. You certainly do go into it in great depth, and you have an ability far beyond anything that a medico would understand in a third dimensional vibration."

- Melbourne, Australia

"I realize it sounds terribly dramatic to say my life has totally changed, but.....IT HAS!!!!!!!!! The veils have been lifted, the glass has been cleared, the distortions in the mirror are gone---------Truth, Peace, JOY, Love just seem to bubble over me........."

- Rockford, Illinois

Bipolar Depression: "Carol gave me free sessions and healed my bipolar depression.  She is the REAL DEAL and should be Blessed in every way.  Carol, in the Light of all My Eternity, lifetime to lifetime, Wheww.... how can I ever thank you enough!!!!  God, Carol Hathor, I give you my every thanks possible!!!!!  ~Teri in Chicago

Autism: Hi Carol! Thanks so much for the session for my son. He's just been doing awesome the past few days! I noticed a definite shift with him Monday evening. His speech increased. He usually only says 1 or 2 words at a time, but that night he started using a few 3 word phrases! Very exciting! I noticed at one point late on Monday, he got in his bed and covered his whole body with a blanket, and stayed there for awhile. I think that might have been when you were doing the session. I kept checking him for the Divine Fever, but he never seemed to feel warm.

He has been acting so much better since the session. He's calmer, and seems more in control of himself. I can almost see a different child emerging! I'm so looking forward to the next session. 

Carol, thanks again! I feel so blessed that we found you. The lady that did energy work with him last year...she was so sweet...but she was completely overwhelmed with his energy. She hadn't dealt with anyone like him before, and was really stumped on what to do. Which was very discouraging. I'm just so glad that I kept looking, until I found you. I knew there had to be someone out there that knew how to help this little boy!  ;-)   Love,  Heather in Kansas 

Consciousness Shifts: Carol, I've been meditating daily for eight months, and I've noticed some nice changes in myself, but only a fraction of what you've been able to accomplish after just a few sessions.  ~Chris in Minnesota 

Cancer:  "I do really believe that Carol Hathor healed my husband of pancreatic cancer. After two sessions it was gone, whereas his medications didn't work. The extraordinary thing about it was that I didn't even tell her that he had cancer, and she healed it anyway. I do really think that she "knows her stuff" about "holographic healing" because her explanation was that she "tunes in" to the HolySpirit of the person, and somehow corrects the "holograms" of their auric field and seals (chakras).  I don't fully understand the report she sent, but as per her request, I am reading~listening to a lot of Ramtha's teachings because of this miracle, and I hope that there are people who are donating money to her, since we could not afford the $175 for the introductory Sessions. But we are extremo grateful to her. She is a Light, and should get paid as a brain surgeon!!!  God bless your bones, Carol.  ~ Mindy in Milwaukee

"Heal the mind, and new parallel realities emerge!" 

oxxo  Carol Hathor