Protesting Against New-Age Charlatans

Quantum Decisions

When we make a decision -- getting out of complacency, confusion, insecurity, doubt or inadequacy -- and that decision becomes very clear, then it becomes a "quantum decision", meaning that we set about a whole new timeline of destiny, as our God-Within enacts it, beyond all that debris.

When Toby "murdered" my fabulous methodology so that he could override it with his charlatanism, I pondered for several days, then Decided to march against it.

Protesting Against New-Age Charlatans

It saddens me to post this audio, in protest of Toby Alexander's DNA Activation seminars, but if we don't march against injustice, whether it be the warmongers on this planet, criminals in politics, or the prejudice against women, then we deserve to be derailed by predators, users, con-men.  The same applies to spiritual injustice.  I trained Toby, and his name has been connected with mine ever since.  I'm putting an end to any association of my splendid methodology with all forms of new-age dogmas and religions, that often disserve sincere spiritual seekers, wasting their time and life force.  They're searching and shopping, and gathering more information, then gathering more information, only to be disappointed again.  Their search can end when they realize that true HolySpirit-awareness is cultivating their own transcendental state. And narrow their "Search Criteria" to seek that, because it's the only way that enlightenment happens in the human brain. SoulWisdom training does that exact thing, powerfully erasing the chains of the past. Charlatans who concoct false "short cuts" to enlightenment, who capitalize on sincere seekers -- knowing full-well their dishonesty of their own fanciful concocted inventions -- deserve my protest because I can righteously say that hundreds of people have vastly benefited from SoulWisdom because it is the TRUTH.  It is on behalf of sincere spiritual seekers that I march against charlatans, not for myself.

If you agree that spiritual charlatans need to be stopped from misguiding and using people, please do post this audio where you can, or "comment" where you can.

Toby's Livestream Free Training on DNA, 2012, found here (choke):

When a man "murders" a woman -- spiritually, mentally, emotionally or physically -- a large minority of them don't even think twice about doing it because they've been undermining, overriding, governing, suppressing, slaying, burning, raping women for millions of years, and have never been punished for their evil deeds, because male-dominated religions and governments have always supported, and even encouraged male domination over Female Gods, in order to make men more "masculine"!  To impress their boyfriends, I suppose.  Toby "murdered" me in one sentence, and the audience laughed because of the way he framed it.  Women have been treated as soulless and insignificant in minor and major ways, in every conceivable way, actually.  Men are desensitized because they NEVER get punished for it in a male-dominated world.  Women have always been forbidden to stand up and ask the Respect of the God within us. When we have spoken out against male tyranny, we've been hung, flung off cliffs, sliced and diced.  It has been FORBIDDEN for a woman to stand up against ANYTHING men do!

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Dear Carol,  It takes a lot of courage to step out like this. Here's an abuse of women by a guy who had accumulated a following, some of his energy and teachings were liberating.  I came to find that the leader had casually bedded so many women who attended his workshops. After a "whistleblowing", a number of other women who had similar experiences came out of the woodwork and it became clear that this was a proliferative problem and that many women were deeply affected by this. Of course, this was "their" doing as well; so be it.  But my point is that if he was posturing himself as a (spiritual) leader, He should know better how this will outfold into the field of life….and as well, how this will affect the women involved who are (if not unwisely) willing to open to him in this way, because maybe they in their developing awareness idolized him and he took advantage of it for loin gratification, or spiritual ego, certainly not Love. 

When I protested, I tried to give the message to this collective that things appeared really "off" to me, and I was largely ignored.  They all wanted to focus on "love" and ascension, and many relegated my "intrusion" as just "one who does not meditate", or "one who is not living the love".  Seems to me they were living the "harem mentality" of thousands of lifetimes, and trying to make that gross error acceptable, even "spiritual"!  Dark Ages!

I have much regard for your work, and your courage. When the stakes go higher, it is harder to stand up, but if nobody stands up, the illusion continues.  ~Anonymous

Carol, You ROKK!!!  I know what you mean, in this period so much Jive from these kind of cats, goes from one thing to another, and its all about money and power....JIVE!!!  Carry on~!   ~Joel in Denmark

Go Carol!   It is very very sad to me, you are so correct-- they do not even think twice about dethroning a Goddess! And they do it with cunningly subtle inferences that few pick up on.  Of course, one day this catches up to them,  Looks like the time is NOW  May every blessing be with you, All love to you

Dear Carol, Sometimes controversy is the only way that people become compelled to rethink things… Only the strongest (and wisest) are able to initiate those types of scenarios for the collective, especially with regards to such profoundly entrenched indwelling illusions. Even more disturbing to me is the number of Goddesses STILL willing to lay themselves down before that male tyranny.  I have seen so many women W-I-L-L-I-N-G to hold these guys on a pedestal and allow them free-reign over their own Lordship.  It sometimes literally sickens me…. Anytime a woman speaks her mind potently and plainly, she is considered an angry women. old age, new age, all same