Orbs and Phenomenon

Please enjoy my Orb and Phenomenon pics. The best way to take orb pics is at night, with a lamp or spotlight shining into the night.

Fireballs of white light often appear in Carol's auric field when she is giving a distance healing session.  The blue orbs are beings from other levels.  For Ramtha's explanation of Orbs, please visit:

More Fireballs and Orbs

Hexagon-shaped beings make an appearance in a rainbow sky, and days later, in the yard:

This picture is slightly “enhanced” so you can see the orbs a bit better...

Hexagon-shaped beings/ships, days later, in the yard:

Carol in the center, with two Level 1 graduates from Dallas and 

New Zealand. The "plasma" is a visitor from 4th level (Ultraviolet Frequency), the orbs are from 3rd (Visible Light Frequency).

This is a “plasma cloud” taken at midnight.  The greenish color at the bottom is grass.  I haven’t seen a pic of a plasma cloud this thick on the internet yet... there was a tree-line in the background, but the cloud is so thick that the trees can’t be seen.

This is “enhanced” too, and the fascinating thing about this picture was that it was taken at midnight on a cloudy night, so what Being lights up the sky in a deep-blue hue? It “arcs” over the landscape similar to a rainbow; it is that large. Hmmm!

The white Lily and its shadow, above my dog’s head, was not in the picture taken seconds before, or seconds after.  I would never allow anything “faked” in my orb photos because that’s bad karma and I’m all about absolving karma!  Even if I could somehow photo-shop the lily in, I would have made its shadow match the normal shadows, like those behind me, and likewise, in the rest of the pictures. As it turns out, Carol died Easter 2016, so the Easter lily could be her future-self salute to her birthday on the Plane of Bliss!

As I understand it, this plasma-being is from fourth level, or Ultraviolet.  Perhaps the pic just above it is a visit by several “shiva” (Ultraviolet) beings, and that’s why the plasma cloud is so thick...

I received these Auric photos from a client... I was asked to heal his dog. My HolySpirit appeared around his dog. The session took place at around 3-3:30 their time, in North Carolina, which is Eastern time (I started at Noon Pacific time, here in Yelm Washington)

The colors progress from christ-white, down the levels, to the pink-gold and Gold of Gamma and X-ray, then descend to the Sapphire Blue of high-band Ultraviolet, and the Purple of low-band Ultraviolet. Quite an exquisite validation of the Levels of Consciousness, as taught by Ramtha~!!!