SoulWisdom's Level 1 Online Class

With Skype, you can learn the SoulWisdom methodology. It is my wish that Cacilda trains you, so that you utterly transform your life.

I am always excited to teach people the SoulWisdom methodology. Many people in Holland, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Mexico, Canada, and the US have trained in SoulWisdom and find it to be truly remarkable.  They've felt the power of the sessions, and with the scientific theory and hands-on coaching, they come to understand why the sessions are permanent and life-changing.  The Level 1 class empowers people to work on themselves at the subconscious level. 

In the Level 1 class, I teach the students how to give a remote Auric Clearing, and how to give themselves Karmic Sessions! We learn to focus in deep mind, for permanent removals.  The techniques are applied to working on yourself, and this is why the students who complete the Level 1 Class often express profound gratitude for learning how the attachments are created on all seven levels of awareness and how we uncreate, or unravel them, unplug their programming in the brain. 

I request that all interested students experience a remote Auric Clearing before taking the class, so please let me know if you are interested and I'll schedule an Auric Clearing for you, if you haven't already had one. SoulWisdom's Auric Clearing permanently removes important attachments that most modalities overlook, such as portals in the chakra system and specific kinds of entity-thoughtforms that influence thoughts and often magnetize undesirable experiences to us. The benefits of an auric clearing are immediate and long-term.

I give a working knowledge of why energy work must be done from the Transcendental consciousness in order for removals to be permanent.  This is where most modalities fall short -- they remove thoughtforms and attachments only from the emotional body, and often don't attain the releases from the subconscious, which must happen in order to have permanent removals.

The class is basically two nights a week for approximately 5-weeks, with an additional weekend class the first week. I have a waiting list, and different people want to take the class at different times, so I try to set up classes a few weeks prior.


Graduates of the Level 1 class have had very favorable responses to the experience. Not only did they receive training that will accelerate their evolution for the rest of their lives, they can also help others. Most feel very empowered and felt that their lives had changed forever.

"I learned more in two days than in the previous two years." -James in Holland

"Carol, I have spent thousands of dollars on various modalities and methodologies that didn't work on deep issues of my psyche or other peoples'.  I have to get over it, that I did all that before I found yours.  I now understand the ancient foundations of the Soul's Journey, from Ramtha. [Ramtha's teachings on the brain, body-mind consciousness, Soul, God-within, HolySpirit, and how they "think", function and operate in Destiny should only be taught by a Master Teacher.] Carol, I think you are a genius for applying that Knowledge into a methodology (not a modality), that has profound and permanent changes in a person's quantum state of destiny. I could have only understood that profundity through Ramtha, and I'm so glad I can apply that knowledge through your methodology. Thank you for blessing me with a true means in which I can be of Service!  I now know that abundance comes through Knowledge." -- Washington DC

"Dearest Carol,  I just had to fly from Venezuela to Yelm, Washington to meet you. I'm an American who loves Venezuela, but when my reporter-correspondent job ended, it was you who cleared the path somehow, that I got writing jobs through freelancing that came out of nowhere, so that I could stay in Venezuela.  I realize, through you, that it was my HolySpirit that wanted me to stay here, and I want to learn your "magic" in your class.  I blogged your work as "metapsychology" because it is transcendental of "psychology". It works at the unconscious levels of awareness, where true change lies.  I thank you for helping me onto a new timeline, as you call it, and the fact that you can train others to do "miracles" helps me realize Ramtha's truth that "miracles" have a science behind them.  Thank you for duplicating that science so that more of us can do "miracles greater than these" because you have done such miracles in my life, in my darkest hours, and I cannot possibly thank you enough." --Eric, Venezuela

"I now understand that sincerity to heal people is not enough. Hope is not enough. Mechanical means of focusing on the DNA or attachments or disconnecting "spirits" from people is not enough. Their own unconscious lack of forgiveness of people, places, times, things, and events is what keeps them in karmic loops and cycles, repeating, repeating.  The faces might change, but the experience is the same.  You taught me how to absolve my own "stuff" and I am feeling freer and freer. I work on myself a lot!!!  I'm grateful to have your methodology, with which to enact Ramtha's truths and knowledge, that "Attitude is Everything", and I now study Ramtha materials with great relish, and I intend to go to Ramtha's School!!!! -- Jennifer, Melbourne Australia

"Before this course I would feel sick, sad and depressed, not knowing what caused it. Now I understand where these feelings come from and how they can suddenly come out of the blue. So as a result of this course, awareness has been created. I paid for the training course but in actual fact it was priceless."

"It's great to give Auric Clearings, but the real value of the class for me, is training in deep-mind focus and working on myself whenever I want, with permanent results that I've never gotten from modalities I've practised in the past. I want to take the Level 2!"

"I love the scientific approach to working with the brain's holographic storage of attitudes and dis-ease!!  I can deal with that!  I don't want to become a practitioner, but now that I know how to give myself Karmic Sessions, I can't wait to uncover my Deeper Self and perhaps discover hidden talents. I've already felt the deeper joy and I had a wonderful transformation during the class. I know I'll have more of that coming soon~!!!!  Thank you, Carol. You are amazing."

"This class dispelled a lot of New-Age beliefs, including "dark" versus "light".  I now understand why telling beings to "go to the light" doesn't always work.  I understand the word "quantum potential" and I'm grateful that I can apply the knowledge instead of just standing on the sidelines wondering what all the buzzwords mean."

For more information about the Level 1 Class, ($950) please contact Carol

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