Heal Yourself

If you are battling some sort of health challenge, I believe that you must absolve any karmic reason for it, as well as all things physical. (Diet/nutrition, Earthing, and scalar wave treatments.)

Of course I recommend my karmic sessions, but if you can't afford those, I recommend gazing the Sri Yantra ancient mandala.

You can make it through this!

The Ancient Sri Yantra Mandala

My experience of daily gazing the center of the mandala has proven to me that we are Divine and the Sri Yantra activates latent DNA as living lifeform holograms that complete and liberate humans into fully-Realized Gods. Amazing!!

This is the original, precise "instrument" with all the codes to Change Your Mind, Body, Spirit, Emotions into perfected DNA.  I could write a book....

Gaze at the center for One Hour Every Day for 40 days at least (and beyond... every day) 

Here is the poster at

What each of the points/codes mean -- they are called 'goddesses' or "shaktis, but they are actually wondrous Living Lifeforms/Holograms, living holograms, neither male nor female, but both, that become enlivened by the Mind and Body to perfect and evolve the human Gods!  Each one has a genetic code that activates by gazing. (These codes do not "download". This is a 2D pictogram that triggers latent and non-latent genetic codes to awaken these incredible-amazing Virtues, or "Living Aspects" -- Lifeforms -- of the God that each of us is. Only a living being can download holograms, and only a living being can decide whether to accept/reject them.)  Each code-trigger is explained here:

BEST Sri Yantra Documetary on YouTube | An Electro-Magnetic Meditation

ETs 'carved' a Sri Yantra mandala in an Oregon desert... if to say "Gaze This and Regain Your Full Powers as Gods, Please!!!"  (oyyyyy hahaha)

13 mile long Geoglyph A perfect "Sri Yantra Mandala Formation" in the Oregon Desert

Buy or copy the poster and gaze it every day for an hour with soothing music -- no lyrics for 40 days

You will notice subtle changes Every Day. You will begin to realize how fukt up human beings are, after you experience a New Way to Be.  You will never want to go back, and gazing the mantra should always be willful prayer to the God Within you.. "Change Me, Let Me Experience what Liberation Is"

One more video from a guy whose mother raised him to gaze the Sri Yantra and he has an incredibly fortunate life... you don't have to watch the whole thing but it is an incredible testimony to the mandala!

‪How to activate your superhuman powers and project yourself across space and time


‪ok now ... Just Do It

Earthing (Grounding)

‪If you desire radiant health, you must electrically ground your body's electrical system, every night when you sleep. Watch at least 30 minutes if you can, it is very interesting...

I found a device that supplies my body with Earth Chi (life force)  I have been Earth-Chi starved, for years!  Especially due to the fact that I've given so many sessions over the years.

On amazon they're called "Earthing patches" ($30), they also sell the Earthing mats, etc ... the brand name is "Earthing" 

I think everyone should buy "Earthing patches" or the Earthing mat... I will tell my clients that replenishing with Earth life force helps integrate karmic sessions better, and more shifts are possible with each session because the dream state of processing by the unconscious mind is heightened.

After experiencing the "neutral recharging" for only a few days, I can already tell you that I think wellness depends on proper electrical grounding of the body.  And you beautiful healers out there -- you must absolutely ground and recharge if you love your wonderful body/instrument and take care of its Chi properly. Just Sayin'

Scalar Wave Treatments

from Tom Paladino

A note to the wise: Many of the Earthing people and Scalar Wave people will tell you that these treatments will bring you effortlessly into enlightenment; that scalar waves and Earth's electrons will heal the body. This is the same as saying that external forces can effortlessly heal any illness and cure any karmic condition. This is not true in my experience.

Having said that, Tom's application of Tesla's scalar wave discovery is one of the most important, to human health and all aspects of human civilization.  I encourage you, I beseech you to self-educate on Tom's website and experience at least one month of treatment, if just for the pathogen cleanse alone. I think you will find yourself to feel extraordinarily fortunate to have found this over-the-top amazing application of zero-point quantum physics.

My truth is that unconscious attitudes, beliefs decisions, oaths, vows contracts, held consciously or unconsciously from past lives or current life can override the natural healing attunement that the wondrous scalar waves bring, because we are Gods and we affect all realities with our thought. Therefore we do need to take effort to find ways to erase/unplug/forgive "inner demons".  Gazing the Sri Yantra mandala is a way to conquer the ego, in all its aspects, from guilt to arrogance, trauma to betrayal. It is not effortless, it takes willpower to gaze it daily.

Your wellness and even supreme Mind will depend on how much you want Superconsciousness. I hope you have the passion to Become God Fully Realized in flesh and blood!  There is no greater desire of your soul.


Normal Intestinal Flora is Rare, and Without It, Even Healthy People's Health is a "Time Bomb" to Unavoidable Illness Unless...

The disease epidemic of the three generations that are on-planet right now can largely be traced to the lack of fermented vegetables, like our great-grandparents ate. They can't be bought in stores, even sauercraut's live fermented organisms are dead from pasturization.

Our intestines are sick. Virtually everyone's, even children, because we no longer ferment foods like we did since ancient times. The human body was designed to be well, WITH the presence of this 'flora' in the intestines. If you don't ferment your own organic veggies in quart jars at home, for god's sake at least take probiotics!!!

Gain Knowledge

Knowledge is Power


I don't ascribe to any of the popular philosophers or so-called "channels". Except for the original channel who coined the term in the first place. Ramtha through JZ Knight, whose 30+ year School is in Yelm Washington with satellite schools in 63 countries.

The breadth and depth of knowledge given is so profound that it's difficult to make recommendations, but I would start with Ramtha, the White Book


the Anastasia books... you simply must read them. They're incredible.  Then you can go to Amazon and buy Anastasia Book 1, and you won't be able to put it down until you've read it all, pretty much, hahaha, and you'll want to order all nine books. This is a Movement.. eco-villages, permaculture, many facets to it, and it's spreading around the world!  (20 languages!)  It's actually Christ-energy, in all of us, awakening, so please know about it!   

The Swedenborg Foundation

I've always loved the metaphysical and other-worldly. I've wanted to have out-of-body experiences for years, consciously instead of just the usual dreaming.


Well I found this Foundation to study, loaded with information, to keep my mind enchanted for hours!


This is the first video I stumbled on...  

8 Strange Places in the Afterlife – Swedenborg and Life

I wish you Marvel, Joy, and Long Life

Carol Hathor