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SoulWisdom Energy Healing?

"Metapsychology?" "Quantum Psychology?"

"Transcendental Psyche Therapy?"

(all of these would work)

Alternative Healing Modalities In General

In all of the healing methodologies and modalities I've read about on the internet, there are scant few that effectively work with the holographic nature of the unconscious mind, and access the Subconscious.  Hypnosis is a science in its infancy, particularly pertaining to wellness, and I am glad to be a part of developing the "genre" of healing therapies that work with the Subconscious because I believe them to be the most powerful of all, in terms of personal transformation and healing of all levels of the human.

SoulWisdom is a methodology that applies the fact that the universes, and all of us Gods, are holographic in nature. The only computer capable of detecting and unplugging holographically-stored unwellness attitudes/programs is the human brain.

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SoulWisdom is an advancement of hypnotherapy. 

Accessing, activating, or “bringing stuff out of suppression” is easy.  Almost anyone can do that.   Sadly, many modalities think they’re getting somewhere just because they sense energies and can trigger an unconscious nemesis.  Most can bring our "stuff" out of suppression, but once it's activated, then what? Most bodyworkers can pull the phantasm out of the body, and rarely transmute it (by telling it to "go to the light", Oh dear!) but if the program that generated the blockage, or phantasm isn't unplugged, it will regenerate more of the same.  This is why chiropractors, Rolfers, massage therapists, etc. often have to work on the same area of the body redundantly. They've brought a suppressed holographic archetype to the surface, to the conscious mind, of its emotional turbulence, but haven't absolved it on all seven levels of awareness.

I know how wonderful it is to get jazzed when first learning energy work, but beautiful people, I want you to know that the test of a great method is not whether they can bring unconscious energies out of suppression. It’s about how effectively they deal with the energies that are locked in the body once they’re activated.  Do they do “clean work” in absolving an “inner demon” or a nemesis on all seven levels of awareness?  In my opinion, there aren’t a lot of energy workers that go beyond the category of “healie-feelie”.  There’s nothing wrong with that except the time and money the client spends often yields little gain. 

And “practitioners” who bring energies in, through crystals or chants, or whatever, which activate unconscious fears or insecurities in people, and then refuse to help people work with the energies, because they really don’t know how, and then tell them, “It’s your stuff, you deal with it.”  These self-fashioned “spiritual leaders” are really doing nothing more than putting on “dog-and-pony” shows for entertainment, not for personal evolution of the participants, and I think they should tell people that.

In the instances where "faith healing" works, it is because the client had a focused intent of very strong will and belief that they be healed, and their subconscious responded.  This level of acceptance does happen, and when it does, there's profound forgiveness and profound release of guilt that goes on.  For most of us, however, we've got to methodically find the guilt and peel the layers of karma before wellness and health can be uncovered by the subconscious.  It's up to us to change our attitude, because we are God and we created it, and we can uncreate it.

Even though psychologists and counsellors often identify these personality/archetypes, their success rate in achieving a "quantum flux" in destiny codes (in other words, obtaining a subconscious release), is often lower than SoulWisdom's, and takes longer, because... you got it... the subconscious can't be accessed through the intellect, or mental aspect of the psyche.

Now.  Rarely is there a modality that effectively unplugs the programs that it activates, particularly traumatic or fearful ones.  Even in hypnotherapy, where the subconscious is accessed, the patient is consciously aware to some degree because they're responding to the practitioner. Hence they sometimes say "No, I don't want to relive this ancient memory.  I suppress it."  End of session. SoulWisdom sessions take place completely beneath the conscious level of awareness, hence the personality does not resist the work that their HolySpirit asks to be done.

SoulWisdom's Great Achievements

1) The work takes place beneath the conscious level of awareness, to spare the client having to relive, or re-remember, the agonies of the past.  Past-life readings should be accompanied by soul-healing; they should be more than just a “report”.

2) The energy commands unplug and absolve the nemesis on all seven levels of the client's awareness, including the release/forgiveness by the great subconsciousness, and by "reading" the energy signatures of each level, every SoulWisdom practitioner knows exactly when the client's subconscious has completely forgiven and absolved the program.

3) By working with the holographic language of the brain, which is a universal language of intent, people who speak any language can be relieved of any nemesis (program) that their Holy Spirit shows us in a session.

4) We don't activate anything or everything that is suppressed, like massage therapy or meridian work does.  In other words, we don't bring any traumas out of suppression without completely absolving them at the Subconscious level. We only work on what your Holy Spirit shows us.  This means that your deeper self dictates the sessions, in the correct order of "peeling the layers" that is recorded by your own soul's memory. 

5) I think the most major advantage of all is that SoulWisdom uses Ramtha's teachings as reference material.  Ramtha has had many of his scientific predictions come true in the 30+ years he has been teaching, and his paradigm for the construct of the psyche always works in sessions. I've concluded that his scientific knowledge of frequency is more advanced than our current science.

Releasing Past-Life Traumas Shifts Destiny

Our God is non-polarized between right/wrong, good/bad; it simply manifests our attitudes, conscious and unconscious, in the form of wellness of disease, and in our reality of people, places, times, things, and events.  God is not outside of us!  We are it! We're just not consciously aware of it yet.  We're "asleep" in an illusion, and our God within lies latent and unrealized.  Yet a great initiate of the Mystery Schools once said "Ye shall do miracles greater than these" and so we are!  And we shall!

The bulk of my work is relieving people of past-life traumas. Often, just the release of unconscious terrors, guilt and failure, within a few sessions, shifts people into a much happier, calmer, more peaceful state of mind. Since most people have gained lots of wisdom over lifetimes, they release hosts of attitudes and traumas easily, with the assistance of a practitioner who is trained to access the deeper Mind, or Subconscious.  However, any SoulWisdom practitioner cannot change a client's attitude.  Not even Jesus, Ramtha or Buddha can do that, nor would they want to. Hence, a client's Holy Spirit shows us what programs that the client already wants to release at the subconscious level.

~Drug therapies for anxiety, phobias, mood disorders, emotional trauma rarely absolve their holographically-stored unwellness attitudes

~Past Life Readings don't absolve holographically-stored unwellness attitudes

~Anxiety therapy, depression therapy, phobia therapy rarely, if never, absolve holographically-stored unwellness attitudes

~Stress therapy, panic attack therapy, therapy for obsessive-compulsive disorders (OCD)  rarely, if never, absolve holographically-stored unwellness attitudes

~Energy healing only heals if it absolves holographically-stored unwellness attitudes. Rarely do "energy healers" absolve an unwellness into deep levels of the unconscious mind, and access the true source of all healing, which is the Subconscious.  They might use the right terminology/theory, but rarely have they cultivated their own Deeper Mind that actually performs real healings.

~Kundalini awakenings can be dangerous to the energy field because holographically-stored unwellness attitudes are left intact and often exacerbated  by the so-called "awakening".  These practitioners often take no responsibility for the damage that can be done to someone's "electrical system" -- the nervous system.

~Phantoms, "inner demons" and exorcisms are really nothing more than holographically-stored emotional storms and emotionally-charged thoughtforms that are easily absolved when the holographic nature of attitudes is understood.

~Discarnates, spirit releasement, are easily dealt with when the karmic contracts are absolved that keep them earthbound, and this is best communicated with holographic information.

~Past life regression, Past life therapy, and psychic readings rarely, if never, absolve holographically-stored unwellness attitudes

~Spiritual energy healing, bodywork, reflexology...  Nearly all healers easily bring an issue out of suppression, but very, very few of them completely absolve an issue once it "rears its ugly head." This is because most energy healers, energy workers just don't know how to effectively  absolve holographically-stored unwellness attitudes into deep unconscious levels of the psyche.

I hope you enjoyed this page!!

Love, love,

Carol Hathor

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