The Hathor Community concept is Idealism that you might enjoy. Welcome Anastasia Kin, Ringing Cedars Readers, preppers, permaculturists, organic growers.

My eco-village vision is shared by a growing movement and I pray that the resources will come to me that I may find and live and teach in the comunity of my new family, somewhere in Oregon. A "tribe" of self-reliance, independence that can sustain future generations regardless of global economics. Mother Nature is rebelling -- climate change. 

Technocracy is killing our Mother, and she will have the last say. She's got a big 'bellyache'. "The meek shall inherit' makes sense to me now... we must live in sustainable ways that nurture nature. Embrace Life, the Future, or fear it. I see what's coming and I envision how I can contribute my healing skills to a spiritual community, to help them on many levels of awareness and help give them spiritual protection.

Please PayPal generously and richly, especialy if you are wealthy. Your soul sees this as very good fortune stacking up for your future lifetimes.

A Shared-Housing Dome Home

Rent is too expensive for most people to afford. A shared geodesic dome, with community kitchen, dining, and community shower-and-laundry facilities makes it possible for rent of approx. $500/mo for a large "bedroom" that accommodates a computer table, small kitchenette, and 1/2 bath, comfortable for a single person or a couple.  This also saves Water!  It's all about Water!

The Future: Eco-Shared-Housing Dome 

and Cash Crop for Residents

Geodesic domes come in infinite varieties, but you see here, how the 'bedrooms' can be extended larger, for private living spaces (above). Can you imagine this... with the picture below, how the sides can be extended into living spaces? Each "bedroom" will have its own private entrance as well.  Sharing the heating, cooling costs would make living easily affordable, beautiful and lovely!

This house is an example from ecodome’s photo gallery


The eco-villages and family domains, sprouting around the world, bespeak of an unheard of prosperous and paradisical life, for our children and grandchildren.

My eco-village will be nestled amongst already-established organic farms and dairies, somewhere in northern-ish Oregon, amongst the like-minded. It's a blend of technology and farming (solar panels, wifi, alongside growing our own sustenances, and festivals!)  

I want to deserve the right to reincarnate amongst such beautiful minds, therefore I will do everything in my power, in this lifetime, to secure such a vision into reality.

A recluse Christ in Russia, Anastasia, started a global Family-Domain movement, on the scale of Ghandi and Nelson Mandela. Books written about her, by Vladimir Megre, have sold over 12 million copies, in 20 languages, and lastly, English. No government or religion will be able to stop this visionary movement. If you only read one book in your life, it should be Anastasia Book 1 of the "Ringing Cedars" series of nine books.  This is the beginning, in my opinion, of the "second coming of Christ", and it's not Jesus; it's the second coming of the Christ within all of us. (On some level, we are all aware that we are God-in-flesh, Christs.  "The kingdom of heaven lives within you" -J)  An inspiring world-view, those books~!!  You'll be changed forever, by reading them, I assure you, and your Soul and Heart will be pleased that you did!

Take back your Motherland, people!

“The whole Earth could be a Motherland for each one of its inhabitants, and Man could be caressed by everything in the Universe, but for that to happen, he would need to join together all planes of being into a single point, call it his Motherland, and create with his own self a Space of Love therein. Then all the best things of the Universe would come into contact with it firsthand – come into contact with the Space of your Motherland. You in yourself will feel the whole vast Universe through this point, and possess power unsurpassed. They will know about this on other worlds. Everything will serve you, as God, our Creator, wanted it.” – Anastasia

The Mission is Happiness. Not Profit 

To Create a Space of Love, and to provide medicinal cannabinol to the huge market of people who want natural cures for their illnesses, from psoriasis to cancer. To spawn other human-scale cottage industries as well, purposeful to sustainable independence. In other words...

This enlightened enterprise combines working-profit jobs, with low rent! Here we have an excellent Lifestyle, Kin to Nature Herself, gorgeous life, that also provides a decent income, in a fabulous Pentagram House.  A Great Concept -- a cash-Cash crop, whereby all residents can easily make-rent, plus Create their own projects and independent cottage industries, as they wish. Permanent residency and ownership will be offered via buying shares, after a trial period of cohabitation. Ownership is important!  

Kinship Based on Respect, Love of Life, Children, and the Future

We want to surround ourselves with people of high quality -- Creators, Doers, Thinkers, with minds towards New Lifestyles, that understand and respect that Mother Nature is wiping out Western-style civilization because it is killing Life on the planet. As it turns out, however, living with honor to Nature is the happiest existence that people can have. Do you begin to see how brilliant and lovely shared-housing and eco-communities are?

And please contribute Knowledge to the group... Share with us your Mind. For example, if you're interested in Horses, contribute Monty Robert's DVDs... If you're interested in vortex mathematics, please share that with us! (We actually might Get It, hahaha!) Another example... If you can communicate with Plants, for their medicinal value, please share! Etc! Etc! Wohoooo

With a cash crop like cannabis, which is harvested easily, several times a year, we'll have lots of free time for advancements of many kinds! What if a Craftsman figures out how to make furniture from industrial hemp! Or, he uses Hemp to build shelter for a milk-goat, or chickens, or hay-storage! How sexy is that, girls!  -- To help guys build necessities such as chicken tractors, rocket stoves, 'working bikes', to mill flour or charge batteries (while reading a book, that's me!) ... 

Our Self Reliant Lives!  Co-built with love!

~~~~** To Our Beautiful, Charming, Free Future  **~~~~

To the Genie-God within You