Carol’s Bio

Carol and Max, her son, 2002

Carol, 2011

Carol Hathor, PsD

Born July 30, 1959 in Lone Pine, California

Double Jack of Hearts -- Egyptian Destiny Cards

With a degree in marketing from the University of Texas I joined the corporate world of main stream America in 1984. In 1989 after five years with Dell Computer Corp. I was impulsed to move to the Pacific North West, to leave corporate America behind and pursue a life of truth and meaning.

The advent of my spiritual awakening began with Ramtha's videos in 1985. I must have watched each of the early tapes five times, and my study of Ramtha's materials regarding unconscious neuroses and creating new futures has been my grandest teacher. I use the knowledge ~daily~. I watched the video series "Superconsciousness" over 20 times, ten years ago. The deep integration and reprogramming I did with Ramtha materials is what incubated and birthed this modality in 1996.

Several Defining Moments

Multidimensional Energy Work: I attended a weekend hands-on modality's training class that was recommended to me by one of my client during a channeled reading. It was definitely a defining moment because I realized I could see the person's etheric body and thoughtforms while learning to work hands-on.

Months later, an even more exciting moment occurred when I realized that I could do this without the person being present in the room. I realized that when I tuned in to my own GodSelf, I could tune into the etheric body of anyone who gave me permission on their GodSelf level. This was an incredible realization --using this quantum inner eye I could access time lines and unplug neural-net programming. Our modality is getting a lot of attention because the results are more profound and more permanent than modalities who rely on spirit guides to do the work which can only be done by a God manifest on this level - US!!

After realizing I could do multidimensional etheric work remotely (from a distance), I began building a clientele, mainly from referrals, contacted through the internet. Since then, SoulWisdom has developed and evolved into a powerful methodology.

Leaving a Legacy

In 1997 my HolySpirit challenged me to empower other people by developing classes, to pass on the techniques.  I gladly accepted because I was pretty uncomfortable being regarded as a “saint” or “oracle” by some people, and I figured that if I could teach them how to do it too, it would “demystify” some of their “woo-woo” reactions, heheheh!  *laughter*  (Oh, if they could only see the inner demons that I myself was absolving! chuckle*~!)

The success in training others to do this work is because it is based on quantum science, rather than the "faith" approach. This allows people to use understanding and reason, rather than trusting spirit guides. In our terminology, "spirituality" is an "accelerated knowingness", an awakening of dormant parts of the brain into greater awareness, greater genius. We teach people how to clear blockages and access the psychic abilities that enable them to do this work.

Ramtha's teachings have been invaluable in interpreting the configurations of attitudes that we "see" on the seven levels. ("Multidimensional" etheric work is really a misnomer. It should be "Multilevel" etheric work, because there are infinite numbers of dimensions on each level, and it is the "level" of awareness that is important in etheric work.)

My credentials in doing this work come from intensive self-awareness, self-evolution and ardent study of Ramtha's materials since 1985, living truth-as-experience and applying universal truth to clairvoyantly diagnose holographically-stored attitudes and nemeses.

I am humbled and amazed at the mystery that is the God within me that has manifested this methodology and has put me in guardianship of it. This work changes the morphogenic fields and hence, changes future potentials of this planet, one person at a time!

With Love,

Carol Hathor