The eye of God is often seen by meditators. God is YOU

The great benefit of accomplishing these subconscious shifts remotely is this:  In hypnosis, the person brings painful stuff to the conscious level of awareness, and re-lives those tragic emotions.  With SoulWisdom this is thankfully not necessary.  Who wants to remember a lifetime of starvation, or religious persecution, or WWII? Would that person like to re-live all that heartbreak, or terror, on a hypnosis couch?  Indeed not!

When a person experiences a SoulWisdom session, they are simply instructed to go about their day, and just relax.  In their emailed report, they are given a diagnosis of the unconscious personas/archetypes that are being released over the next few days.  There are multudious examples of those which is why I request that my practitioners study Ramtha's teachings as reference material, so they know, from a Hierophant of ancient Egypt (Amon) and the great Rama of the Hindu religion, who has taught thoroughly, exquisitely and profoundly, the Human Drama. With great knowledge, SoulWisdom's technique profoundly and exquisitely evolves a God, from the painful reality they are living in, to a more peaceful place where they can then create reality instead of having reality happen to them.  "This reality found you because you had no creation" -- Ramtha  "Miracles should shock, surprise, and cause all the rest of one's life" -- Ramtha

The Mind of God within you is waiting, beaconing for It to do its magic, uniquely through you, when you Understand the Journey from a master teacher who affects realities on all levels, including the unconscious/abstract. Wouldn't you like to study a Teacher like that?

Carol Hathor at 53

Many clients would agree that you've arrived at one of the most powerful Mind-healing sites on the internet. 

“Dear Carol, I had a very prolonged wonderful inner connection in bed this morning.  It is everything I have hoped for and I can sense the direction this is going and am thrilled.  I tell you Carol, if this really is moving me the way it looks to be , you will have a lot of people contacting you in a while.  I realize I have a lot of friends that have followed my seekings over the years and seen the many attempts and disappointments.  To actually find life like this will be very important to many people. 

What can I say except I'm all in!”  ~Paul in Seattle

"Carol, once again you have left me speechless, humbled and awed.  The world doesn't know the "Power" you really are.  I thank God for your presence among us." CBooker, UK

"From my own experience I know that conventional psychiatry often cannot achieve what you realized with me.  Do you think the expertise about how you are helping people with removing their mental and emotional blocks will be spread more over the world?  I wonder why people had to suffer for decades, and sometimes their whole lives, without seeing any light at the end of the tunnel.  I never have expected that such a state of mind would be possible for me.  But you knew it before!!! THANK YOU!!"  RDB - Belgium

"I have been meditating for some years now, and have never experienced releases so powerful before.  I have been working on releasing those issues for years, and now they are gone in a matter of minutes thanks to you.  As I continue to release and heal, I am eternally thankful that I have found you and SoulWisdom.  There are no written words to express the love and gratitude I have for you, and all that you do for so many.  Know that you will remain in my thoughts and prayers eternally.  No doubt I will be contacting you again for another Karmic session in 2 months or so.  Thanks is just not enough, but Thank You....Thank You.....Thank You for all that you do in service to others." - BJ - CA, USA

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Overview of SoulWisdom Sessions

SoulWisdom is a revolutionary methodology which facilitates true and profound healing of all levels of Self, which engages the GodSelf, or Subconscious Mind, where all true healing ultimately comes from.  This remote, or distance healing methodology empirically proves that in the Deeper Mind, there is no such thing as Time, Distance and Space. For over a decade, SoulWisdom methodology has demonstrated itself to be light years ahead of a vast majority of other methods. There are many reasons for this.

Soul Wisdom's operational capacity acknowledges that:

1.)   Consciousness and energy creates the nature of reality (Ramtha's teachings are the reference materials for this methodology)

2.)   Though we are in a physical body, we are multidimensional beings who operate on and have access to many levels of awareness

3.)   That our spiritual aspects (our Holy Spirit, divine self, god within, greater mind-- subconscious mind) are the greater parts of us, immediate and accessible aspects of us, not somehow "separate" from us.

4.)   That our personality, ego, & intellect are the "lesser" parts of us

5.)   That through eons of time, lifetime after lifetime, that we have had an enormous legacy of experience which has all been recorded in the Soul and subconscious mind. (Mind creates reality)

6.)   That many of our experiences were traumatic in nature i.e. wars, famine, betrayal, loss, religious persecution and control, the subjugation of women, "male" god-concepts, etc… and that these experiences created a lot of disharmonious elements of consciousness and energy in the form of "quantum codes" (beliefs, attitudes), personalities (victim, tyrant, e.g.), polarized beliefs and patterns based on old religious, fear, and control paradigms which are still held in the subconscious mind.

7.)   That these quantum codes of beliefs/attitudes, "sown" into our "quantum field" (Subconscious) is what we "reap" -- they magnetize people, places, things, times and events into our lives. (like attracts like)

8.)   That by going directly to the subconscious mind to clear these discordant configurations, that one can better manifest the peace, the joy, and the lightheartedness that one truly desires.

9.)   That in order for these energies to be absolved permanently that they must be cleared through ALL seven levels of awareness and hence, unplugged from the neuro nets of the brain. When the "program" is released form the brain, we're free of it.  "As within, so without. As above, so below." (And that is exactly what SoulWisdom Practitioners do!)

10.)  That these clearances will robustly support one who is on the path to spiritual mastery 1.) By making space for new and loftier thinking, being, timelines and destinies* 2.) By breaking free from the constant pull to a lower vibration. 3.) By dissolving the veils that hide the true self, the God within, in the form of unconscious "Ids", or  "Identities", which are beliefs, attitudes, personalities (victim, tyrant, e.g., polarized beliefs and patterns based on old religious, fear, and control paradigms which are still held in the subconscious mind.

*Which Carol always adamantly professes should be taught to you through Ramtha's Teachings, and the training to Become Present in Fabulous Elsewheres should be through Ramtha's School of Enlightenment. SoulWisdom frees us from limitations, but is not the whole picture!

"I am in complete shock. I have been praying for healing for many years, I am glad that I finally find you.  Thanks for your amazing work. it is always magical, always transforming, always surprising... :)  Please take good care of yourself. Eternally Blessed",  -Sarah

"I am grateful for all of the sessions; they always help me along the way with integrating in to my new life. I think it is amazing that you are able to help me beyond so much. It is not always I understand or see "on the spot" the meaning of the reports that you send after a session. I feel the words I read in my soul. I reread again and afterwards through a month, I see more, and even up to a year after the work!! -Yours sincerely Remmy in Denmark

Auric Clearing $85USD

Karmic Session $95USD

Carol Hathor originated the terms "Auric Clearing" and "Karmic Sessions".  These key words have been plagiarized and copy-catted. This is the original site for the SoulWisdom Auric Clearing and Karmic Session.

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“A profoundly ingenious Remote Healing Method, unequivocally Light Years beyond many other kinds of therapies" -- spoken by a Psyche Doctor, educated in many alternative methods.

SoulWisdom Energy Healing is a remarkable methodology for contacting a person's HolySpirit, anywhere in the world, so that their most painful emotional and karmic blocks can be absolved on all seven levels of awareness.  Advanced Psyche Doctors, trained in the transcendental state of the unconscious, archetypal world, learn to "diagnose" various archetypes and unconscious personas, or personalities that often carry a great deal of suppressed anger, insecurity, inadequacy, terror, depression, victimization.  It's the SoulWisdom practitioner's job to interpret what the person's HolySpirit shows her/him, and with powerful energy commands, absolve and release the unconscious persona completely, to the Subconscious level!  This means that the persona and all its emotional tragedy are completely released and absolved, and no longer plays a role in their karma of personal experiences because it is no longer in a person's "quantum code".  The relief affects a person not only with better health, but wondrous changes in their life as well.  Removing a past-life decision or attitude at the Subconscious level (this is what a quantum shift really is) means that they can now live in a much better parallel reality, that was always there, waiting for such a miracle, so that the benefic parallel reality can then download and be made-real.